Step 1:
Find video on YouTube.
Video must me school appropriate and relevant to topic. Be sure to preview the entire segment.

Step 2:
Copy URL

Step 3:
Paste URL in note section of(this cites your source and give you a back-up link)

Step 4:
Open Safari
Go to
Under Video Converter, Select Convert to MOV


Paste URL in specified box
*Note you have the option to to cut the video to a specific segment
Click Convert File


Step 5:
On a MAC your video will be downloaded to your Downloads menu
On the Downloads menu, click the magnify glass to open a Finder Menu



Drag the video from the Finder Menu to your Desktop

Step 6:
From the Desktop drag the video onto your slide.

Step 7:
VERY IMPORTANT: When you save your PowerPoint to Ms. Axe’s jumpdrive you must also drag the video from your Desktop to the jumpdrive.