You will be presenting important information to your classmates.

What do they need to LEARN? What do they need to REMEMBER?

Please create a handout to distribute to your classmates when you present.

Your handout will be saved to my jumpdrive and I will make copies.

Your handout MAY NOT exceed two pages.

Your handout should begin with:



Your handout should include at least one picture.

Your handout may include a vocab section, graphic organizers, or a place for student responses.

  • An excellent handout demonstrates exceptional creativity in the depiction of required elements.

  • Overall organization, design, use of color and space make handout interesting and communicate information very well.

  • All details appropriately and accurately support main ideas.

  • All graphics are appropriate to text.

  • All information is assembled in a neat, organized manner.

  • There are no errors in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and/or usage.